SBC 1st Annual Art & Cultural Festival



                                        Canceled due to Bridge Construction

Noooooo!!! The bridge on East 38th Street is under construction  through October, and it makes it very difficult to get to the location of our 1st Annual Art & Cultural Fair that was scheduled for June 8th. 

While we were soooo excited to spend the day with all of you, we absolutely can not ask you, family and friends to be inconvenienced by the challenges that it would take to reach our site. As such, we find it necessary to postpone the event until next year. 

                                      GOOD NEWS!!!

As we continue to engage the communities that still have access to the site:

·      Plans for The Community Peace Garden are still underway!  

·      We will host ‘Drive-in’ movie night for the community 

·      The Respite Center continues to evolve

·      And we will continue to build relationships with our neighbors

We apologize for any inconvenience this unforeseen obstacle has caused, but we look forward to sharing other events as they develop.

Your SBC crew,

Ira T, Greg M, Dee M, Maxwell