OVERD3OSE: Inspirational T shirts

Putting a positive twist on a Negative word

My sisters and I spend a lot of time talking about self reflection, self awareness, and how our actions impact others, so we started brainstorming ways to capture ones attention as a means for spreading inspiration.  Thus, the word, ' OverD3ose ' became our attention-grabberr.  Then, we invite you to be inspired by our intent, 'To reflect, refect, resolve then Do'

So, OverD3ose on....

Life, Laughter, Friends, Sports, Yoga, Family, Social Media, Education, Love, Living life to the fullest, RAK, Possibilities...the sky's the limit!  What will you OverD3ose on? 

Let us customize your shirt!!

What will you resolve to OverD3ose on? Let us add the words to your inspirational t shirts that will inspire you to change whatever it is that needs mODified in order to free your soul and Do You!

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