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My art has no set direction, nor focus, but rather  is inspired by life experiences, day-dreaming, and aimless doodling, and that's what makes my art, educational, inspirational, risky.

Often called a wordsmith, I believe that the ingredients for a good story or poem can come from many venues....experiences, imagination. Come, let me inspire you.


Inspiring you thru OverD3ose T-shirts

 My sisters and I spend a lot of time talking about self reflection, self awareness, and how our actions impact others, so we started brainstorming ways to capture ones attention as a means for spreading inspiration.  Thus, the word, ' OverDose ' became our attention-grabber.  Then, we invite you to be inspired by our intent - to reflect, refect, resolve then Do. 


Inspiring you thru my art and words

Thru Art - What I love about art is that the piece can change direction with a change of thought, a twist of the wrist or a mood swing.

Thru Poetry:  The Sun came out Last Night...Rated D.  Six months, Seven days, Two hours and a Kiss;

Thru Laughter:  LOL...You CAN'T make this stuff UP!! The Puddle in my Hand; Is Brown the new Black; 

Thru Experiences: Are Black Women 'Always' so angry? hmm



Coast to Coast Reviews

"This gifted artist has, unknowingly, inspired many through her personality, her experiences, her creativity & her journey to share her love of life & all it has to offer.  You'll be amazed!"

"A really good read! I can feel myself right with the author.  Kept me turning the page until finished."

OMG! One book took me on the adventures of Oh, lala, while the other book ...OMG, side-cracking, hysterical and will no doubt make you LOL!  On to book three for some education about the  'Angry' Black Woman!


Art Show

I am ALWAYS fascinated by how art enthusiast interpret my work.  The idea that on-lookers become emotional at times, that some find themselves studying a piece with such focus, that it draws me into their world, and still others have group  story-telling discussions  about how they connect to the piece. Humbled that my art has that affect on them.


Spoken Word & Story-Telling

I've always felt that my purpose in life is to inspire people!.  That I have an opportunity to inspire thru my words is freak'n amazing! Like my art, what I write about has no primary focus, but rather evolves from my sense of humor, my experiences, from my creative imagination, and, at times formulate form dreams. Read and be INSPIRED! 

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